Ven-EX Venom Extractor Snake Bite Kit

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Categories: First aid


Archer MedTech (formerly Apollo MedTech) Ven-Ex helps to remove poisons or venom from snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, mosquito bites & more.

It is a lightweight, compact and reusable vacuum pump that draws venom from below your skin. It is very easy to use even with one hand.

The kit includes:

  • Hard shelled cary case.
  • Sturdy and reusable extraction pump
  • Two different sized plastic extraction cups for effective suction on a wide variety bites or stings
  • A tourniquet band
  • BONUS: CPR Face Shield in 2"x2" nylon webbing pouch. Fits easily in a pocket to keep with you always.

Please note that the effectiveness of any venom extractor will vary based on the location and depth of the bite. Venom injected into the muscle tissue will not likely be helped by a venom extractor. Ven-Ex venom extractor is not meant as a substitute for professional medical attention. It is a first aid tool meant to help buy you time and reduce the impact of venom by helping to remove it from your body.

  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 4.21 x 3.54 x 1.3 inches; 2.89 Ounces
  • ASIN ‏: ‎ B074CN58RV
  • Weight: 2.89 ounces
  • ASIN: B074CN58RV

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