Vaginal Probe Electrode for TENS - EMS - E-Stim Devices - V2

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Categories: Probes


An insertable probe for TENS devices for pelvic floor exercise and kaegel stimulation

Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your TENS / EMS devices for electro-stimulation.  It has standard 2mm pin connectors.  


• Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic.

• Instructions Included.
• Tapered end for easy insertion.
• Diameter: 2.6cm. 
• Usable Depth: 10cm (to top of handle.)
• Length: 14.3cm to base of handle.
• Connects to standard 2mm pin connectors.


Note:  If your TENS device normally uses the snap style connectors, you will need to purchase new lead wires that use the 2mm pin style connector.