Universal First Aid Finger Splint -2" x 4.5" Moldable Aluminum Finger Splint for Injury Immobilization. (Pack of 4)

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Categories: First aid

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Pack of four 4.5" x 2" moldable splints for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries in emergency situations.

Prompt First Aid splint immobilization of an injury can minimize secondary damage and reduce the amount of pain suffered while awaiting or transporting to professional medical assistance. 

The Archer MedTech Universal First Aid Splint is highly versatile, moldable, lightweight, compact, durable, reusable, waterproof, washable, and radiolucent. 

Splints can be folded, rolled, shaped or even cut to size or both people and household pets.

 These splints are fantastic for both people and pets with small broken bones, sprains or other injuries. With an aluminum core that is surrounded by soft foam it is extremely moldable. The First Aid emergency splint is soft enough that you can cut it with ordinary scissors to make it any size that you might need.