TENS Foot Massager Accessory

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The TENS Foot Massager accessories provide luxurious stimulation to your feet and lower legs.  

They simply connect to your TENS device the same way that the conductive gel pads do.  Quick and easy to use, the four points of contact on each foot allows you to enjoy a relaxing foot and leg massage or pain relief wherever you are! 

Note: These come in one size and are not meant to be worn as shoes or walked in.  They are meant to simply rest your foot on them, making firm contact with the metal electrode disks.   If they are smaller or larger than your foot, they will still work perfectly for TENS foot stimulation.

Our TENS foot massagers are compatible with all TENS / muscle stimulator devices that use the industry standard 3.5mm snap connector including:

  • Hi-Dow
  • EliKing
  • Irest
  • Palm
  • Healthmate-Forever
  • iSmart
  • Pinook
  • And all others that utilize the standard 3.5mm snap