PowerDot 2.0 Compatible Electrodes 12 Pack. (Magnetic Connector)

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Premium-Quality PowerDot 2.0 compatible Electrode Pads. 

Fits PowerDot 2.0 devices with the magnetic connector only, NOT the 1.0 device snap connector.

12 PowerDot 2.0 compatible replacement electrode pads.  Includes four 2"x4" rectangle electrodes and eight 2" circle electrodes. 

Our high-quality PowerDot 2.0 compatible electrode pads have a high tech, durable, reusable hydrogel layer with medical grade non-woven material backing.

These self-adhesive, very flexible, conductive electrode pads do not require additional creams or gels.

These TENS electrode pads are compatible with PowerDot 2.0 Electrotherapy TENS devices only.

Powerdot® is a registered trademark of Powerdot Corporation. The above products are not sourced from nor endorsed by Powerdot, Inc.