Large Palm Shaped TENS Electrodes

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Tags: Electrode, Snap


Large palm shapedTENS electrode pads which measure 3" (7.5 cm) by 1.77" (4.5 cm).

Our high-quality TENS electrode pads have a durable, reusable Hydrogel layer with medical grade non-woven material backing. These self-adhesive, very flexible, conductive TENS electrode pads do not require additional creams or gels and are FDA cleared for over the counter sale.


  • Self-adhesive, reusable TENS electrode pads
  • Easy to remove with no sticky residue left behind
  • Very durable and flexible.

Our TENS electrode pads are compatible with all TENS / muscle stimulator devices that use the industry standard 3.5mm snap connector including:

    • EliKing (Not EliKing Pro)
    • HealthmateForever
    • HiDow
    • IQ Massager
    • Irest
    • iSmart
    • Magic Massage
    • Magic Masseuse
    • MassagePod
    • Palm Massager
    • Pinook
    • Smart Relief
    • And all others that utilize the standard 3.5mm snap

Does NOT Fit Omron TENS Devices. We have Omron compatible products here.