Anal Probe Electrode for TENS - EMS - E-Stim Devices - A2

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A uniquely shaped anal probe for Tens / E-Stim devices with dual electrode panels.  It is intended to be used anally but can be used vaginally if a smaller probe is desired..

Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your Tens / E-stim devices for electro-stimulation.

This probe has standard 2mm pin connectors.

• Tapered end for easy insertion.
• Narrow shape at base for reliable retention
• Unique handle for easy removal.
• Diameter: 24mm at widest point 
• Depth: 44mm to top of handle
• Length: 86mm to base of handle
• Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic 

Note:  If your TENS device normally uses the snap style connectors, you will need to purchase new lead wires that use the 2mm pin style connector.